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Every day, more and more plastic waste is polluting our oceans and impacting marine life. SC Johnson, the manufacturer of Duck is committed to addressing the growing crisis of plastic waste, which is why the company has teamed up with Plastic Bank® to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the ocean or landfills, while also helping to address poverty. This partnership includes opening more than 500 collection points in countries with high volumes of uncollected plastic waste and has the objective to prevent more than 1.5 billion plastic bottle equivalents from reaching the ocean or landfills over 3 years at total SC Johnson level! Because we believe the small steps that we take today will lead to a more sustainable tomorrow. 

**Quantity of plastic equivalent to >[11.5M] bottles of 20gr each, based on Duck yearly European forecast

How does it work?

Through SC Johnson’s global partnership with Plastic Bank®, we help stop plastic waste that could have otherwise found its way into our oceans or landfills, as the plastic is collected within 50 km of an ocean or waterway in countries without a formal waste collection infrastructure. Collectors in Plastic Bank's ecosystems exchange plastic waste for bonuses that help improve household income and accessibility to basic family necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, health insurance and digital connectivity.


DUCK® Biodegradable Toilet Gel

Biodegradable Gel gets your toilet clean with its uniquely shaped neck.
Getting your toilet clean isn’t hard at all. Duck®  Biodegradable toilet Gel combines total hygiene with a biodegradable formula, eliminating limescale and even tough stains. It’s uniquely shaped neck allows you to better reach under the rim, leaving your toilet clean and with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance. And our bottle uses 30% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. And with every product you buy you helped prevent 2 bottle equivalent from entering the ocean!** 

**Made with recycled plastic, collected from land to prevent it reaching the ocean, quantity equivalent to 2x20gr bottles.

DUCK® Fresh Discs

Fresh Discs freshen with every flush by sticking to the toilet bowl.

Did you know that traditional toilet cleaner cages can harbour germs? Duck® Fresh Discs have a gel based formula that self-sticks to the toilet bowl so germy cages aren’t something to fret about. Fresh Discs prevents the build up of limescale and stains that harbour germs. Just stick it to the inside rim of the toilet bowl so you can keep things clean. Did you know that using Fresh Discs instead of rimblocks you are using up to 30% less plastic? And to make it even better now our blister packaging is made with 50% recycled Plastic. So every time you buy a starter pack, you helped prevent 0.4 bottles from reaching the ocean!**

Starter kit contains handle and 6 gel discs. Also available in refills. Available in multiple fragrances.

**Made with recycled plastic, collected from land to prevent it reaching the ocean, quantity equivalent to 1x20gr bottles.